Beginners course Term 3
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There is ample space in the park and large groups are sub-divided into smaller groups for more personalised instruction by our experienced team of instructors. We split into less than ten persons per group with ample social distancening between participants. Please Note: We also incorporate qigong exercises into our taichi instruction.

Saturdays 23rd July through to September 17th 2022
in Centennial Park at 8.30am - (nine weeks)
Bookings open
Labyrinth Dickens Drive Centennial Park

WHAT TO BRING: Loose clothing, something to drink and warm clothes (if cold weather).
We also train in light rain under cover of some very big trees.
If inclement weather class will be cancelled via sms and an extra morning class will be added at the end of the term. Please Note:- Non attendance to any class (Unless cancelled by an instructor is counted as one class).
Paid Vouchers must be used during the term period - (each class is one paid lesson).

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Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi Improves blood circulation, moves stagnant energy and brings new vitality. It increases blood flow, enhances breathing and improves muscle flexibility, joint mobility, balance and coordination,

Qi ('Chi') is your life force or vital energy and by creating a daily practice you develop, refine and direct this chi throughout the entire body.

Tai Chi heals, promotes joy, creativity and youthfulness. It can increase blood flow, clear your mind, reduce stress, open blocked pathways in the body and learn to feel calm and centered, it's a great way to start your day.


Class Days


SATURDAYS - July23-Sept17 2022

8.30AM - 9.30AM

9.30AM - 10.30AM

bookings Open
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Tai-chi promotes sensitivity and allows us to move from outer worldly affairs to an inner meditative space. Taiji nourishes the internal organs, strengthens the bones, increases muscle elasticity and stimulates brain activity.

Our digestive, respiratory and immune systems, typically register and react to distress and develop dis-ease.

Taiji helps to counter such attacks and assists in the functioning of our sensory and endocrine systems. which is particularly useful in the current pandemic situation.

Class Days

8.30AM - 9.30AM
9.30AM - 10.30AM

bookings Open

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Treat a loved one or friend to our tai chi classes or buy a gift voucher to assist in the health and longevity of a friend. Just nine classes assists in muscle flexibility, joint mobility, better coordination and improved balance. Better than flowers or chocolates!

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self discovery

Originally based on the dao de ding or the (classic book concerning the way of integrity) and the I-Ching (Book of Changes).

Taiji follows nature by not forcing or exerting (wu-wei) and is the natural way of our being in tune with ourselves and the divine universe.

It is a journey into the unknowable, eternal and mysterious,



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