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We are a group of eastern suburbs taiji enthusiasts who practice regularly in around the eastern suburbs of Sydney and Centennial Park.

Larry Friedberg is the principal instructor who has been fortunate to study with different masters of various disciplines ever since his discovery of taiji in the mid seventies in San Fransisco (Chinatown). He has (over the past 45 years) continued to train in the internal and therapeutic arts and instructs taichi classes in Sydney based on the teachings of Professor Cheng Man-Ching, and Master Huang Sheng-Shyan (as passed on to him through the classes, books and personal contact with Patrick Kelly over the past twenty odd years).


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We first activate the body-mind, then the mind-body sphere; we circulate the energy through the open joints with a deeper understanding of muscles and pressures; through various taiji and qigong postures and stances of the forms, we then stimulate the meridians and channels; and finally we refine ourselves through self-awareness, self-discipline and meditation.

We seek to integrate the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems – which we might think of as the respective energy-getting and spending systems of the body (and are also analogous to the right and left sides of the brain – broadly, the intuitive, poetic vs the analytic, controlling spheres) – through particular exercises which stimulate the flow of energy to strengthen the organs, tissues and bones of the body and, consequently, develop greater mental and emotional well-being.
As these systems become more closely aligned, the parasympathetic (yin) will be favoured, producing inner calm and peace.

Knowledge and understanding of the methods, techniques, energetics and meditative quality of taiji can lead to wisdom. We can be revitalised, energised, sensitised, stimulated and refined to deepen our ­­inner knowledge, inner calmness and peace.

Self-awareness, and discipline improves our connection to our body – mind - energy sphere.
Learning to absorb pressure helps to resolve conflict.

Certain taiji and qigong postures stimulate, promote and control the energy flow through the meridians to joints and centres, directing and activating the coiled energy through the mind-body energy sphere to increase their elasticity; Improved skill, movement, health and fitness are initial benefits; Horizontal body movements (yang) represent the physical plane, while habitual activity is circular and meditation or inner stillness us vertical (Yin).


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We perfect the form by increasing our physical skill through the movements and techniques.. The movements express ideas of the universal Dao in the way that various other spiritual texts convey meaning and connection to original sources. We also learn to watch our flow of energy. We investigate the difference between our senses (eyes, ears, nose, smell, touch) and sensors (pain, pressure, joint position, temperature, muscle states; We seek to Improve our vital energy.

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We are a team of Professional instructors, martial artists, physiotherapists, yoga practioners, body workers and sports mad enthusiasts. Join in any of our classes to feel alive, to heal, nourish and replenish the body's energies.
Feel fit, healthy and find a true and meaningful life

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