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we focus on: calming the mind, slow, even, light and balanced

Taiji Sydney provides lessons in the Eastern Suburbs and Centennial Park.

Public Tai-chi classes are held every Saturday morning at 8.30am in Centennial Park Sydney from June 2020.

Brief description of curriculum:-
First year – beginners
Introduction to the principles and physical movements of Tai Chi
• Five relaxing exercises; 37-move taiji Short Form, seven pushes of 'Pushing Hands'
• minimum of one class per week
• provision to attend a second class per week after the first year
Second year - intermediate
• Revision of Short Form;
• Tai Chi Long Form
• Weapons optional (if keen) – Tai-Chi Broadsword, Straight Sword, Fan and Stick forms
• Advanced Pushing Hands with in depth revision and additional exercises
• continued revision of weapons forms

Basic Principles of Sydney Taiji/tai-chi classes and training
Tai Chi is the ideal exercise for all ages and health status, requiring only an attitude of being open to the teaching and practice; of genuine inquiry, patience and perseverance; and a willingness to examine one’s self and inner conscience.

Health Benefits
As we grow older, our muscles and joints tend to stiffen and our inner energy to decrease.

Tai Chi exercises were designed and refined over hundreds of years to counter the effects of age and create a surplus of energy in the body.

Physical and psychological health improves, and spiritual well-being is supported. In the relaxation that tai chi practice brings, harmony and contentment in life is found.

Tai-chi relaxes and regulates the central nervous system, promotes physical and mental well-being and releases emotional and physical stress accumulated through work or other anxieties.

People of all ages can cultivate relaxation, balance, central equilibrium and physical coordination through these gentle and non-jarring exercises.

Tai-chi is also often referred to as 'a moving meditation' or 'moving in stillness' or promoting self awareness and self discipline which in turn generates a feeling of well-being, where inner tensions dissolve and the 'mind' starts to quiten.

A focus on awareness, breathing and visualisation techniques help to promote a deeper sense of relaxation and focus.


nine clouds taiji with Patrick kelly and students playing push hands demo.

Quickfist (Sanfeng Quaichuan) after Master Huang Xingxian "Tai Chi Caledonia 2013"

Master Huang Xingxian Tai Chi


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