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Larry Friedberg aka Swami Jivanamir
I first discovered tai-chi in a park near San Francisco’s Chinatown almost 45 years ago. The movements of the students as they practised under the trees seemed to become one with the branches overhead. Reading Lao Tsu’s ‘Tao Te Ting’ and 'The I-Ching: assisted my understanding of the philosophical side of tai-chi, and other martial arts systems.

On returning to Johannesburg from San Fransisco I discovered and trained with a South African born Chinese Master Sifu Eddie Jardine in Johannesburg. Sifu Eddie began teaching Tai Chi in the late 70's which evolved into the International Tai Chi Society, the first school to be registered in South Africa.

I hold two black belts in karate-jutsu and kobu-jutsu and two dans in Kobudo and Karatedo (empty hand and weapons).I have found that the path and way of martial arts has protected and nourished my health and kept illness at bay over many years. The first twenty odd years I was studying, training and teaching Sify Eddie's system of tai chi at first in Bellevue Hill Public School, Bondi Beach Pavilion and later in Bronte (where I first met Patrick) and also Centennial Park.


At first borrowing from the traditions, I have been able to transcend the culturally-bound rules of these traditions to formulate a personal and group method of training involving the physical, energetic and mental aspects of the disciplines, which engenders a deep soul/mind connection. I have also immersed myself in the meditation techniques and philosophy of Osho (one of this centuries Masters) via the late Mystic Veeresh from The Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee and whom I fell in love with in the early eighties and where I lived and participated in various therapeutic dynamic and vibrant meditations as well as a martial arts system called Osho-Do.


Over the past twenty five years I have continued to train in the internal and therapeutic arts and instruct taichi classes in and around Sydney for various organisations, individuals and groups.

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  • Price for nine classes: $220
  • One-time visit: $25
  • Class with coach: $100
    By appoitment only
  • Saturdays: 8.30am
  • WED/fri : 8.30AM
  • other: lessons by appointment
  • the complexity:
  • number of persons: 12-25
  • DURATION: 60min

Taiji is FOR LIFE

Tai-chi is a moveable meditation so take it with you wherever you may roam
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